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Tait TP3300 / TP3350 DMR Digital Two Way Radio

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The TP3 series is a unique, highly customizable portable radio from globally acclaimed New Zealand Manufacturer Tait. It operates both in DMR and analog modes and allows you to choose the color, display, keypad, and labeling for not only what meets your immediate but also your future needs. If your needs evolve, the TP3 allows you to change these options quickly and cost-effectively - any time! TheTP3 is the only radio that gives you the power to choose - and the power to change - with such ease and affordability. Two models are the general purpose TP3300 series and the TP3350 highly advanced model for the sophisticated user.

  • 450-520MHz / 136-174MHz

  • 4 Watts, UHF/ 5 Watts VHF

  • World Class Build Quality & Performance

  • IP67 (Water & Dust Proof), Mil-STD-810 C/D/E/F Tested

  • When quality rather than budget matters to you more

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Tait TP3300 Two Way Radio

The Tait TP3300 is a world-class, high performance, commercial two-way radio from Tait Radio Communications. The Tait TP3300 is widely found throughout the Country Fire Authority and all senior levels of government here in Australia and abroad; hence the TP8100 series radio would highly suitable in any demanding commercial application or environment. 

The TP3300 series radio is available in 3 versions: No keypad/No Display, 4 button keypad Display, and  16 button keypad display models.  The Tait TP3300 is widely known for its high commercial build quality and meets, or exceeds a large range of Military Standards Tests (C/D/E/F) and is IP67 Rated (Water Submersible & Dust Proof). Those who know Tait radios speak proudly of Tait's reliability, high quality and sensible commercial pricing. We here at Radio Warehouse, couldn't agree more.

The Tait TP3350 Series Radio provides a wide variety of additional safety-focused features for more sophisticated users. Again perfect for the commercial user who demands world-class quality and is not hindered by budgetary constraints. 

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The TP3 series is a great value, dual-mode portable radio, capable of Analog Conventional and DMR Tier 2. Each radio is highly customizable and can be fitted with the color, keypad, and label of your choice. Smart features in theTP3350 also include voice annunciation, GPS Man Down, Bluetooth and vibration alert. Choose Your Own Color Each TP3 radio is available in a range of colors, giving your organization the freedom to choose radios that look the way you want. Organize your portables using color to quickly identify specific teams. Colors can be selected to match your brand guidelines, or to stand out better in environments they need to be seen in. The front panel of the radio is interchangeable, allowing you to purchase a black radio, then later change it to a different color - saving time and money over purchasing a whole new portable.

choose your Display and Keypad Three keypad options are available: - No Key, No Display model (0-key) - 4-Key, Color Display model (4-key) - 16-Key, Color Display (16-key) The 4-Key and 16-key models come with a 160x128 pixel, color display. You can customize the power-up display to contain your logo, radio ID, assigned owner, or any other image. The display can be used to select from the 2000 channels, for text messages, caller ID, or identifying talk groups. The 0-Key radio does not come with a display. Should you want to upgrade to a 4-key or 16-key radio with a display, the cover can quickly and easily be changed, instantly enhancing your portable to include the display and keys. Choose Your Label Each radio is built with designated spaces for custom labels. Die-cut labels are high-tack adhesives, color-customized, and waterproof, alcohol, chemical and smudge resistant. Custom-designed labels can be personalized to carry your brand logo, specific talk groups or radio type, user identification, or anything else you can imagine. This means that your radio can be completely unique to your organization, and individual radios can be personalized for each user. Voice Annunciation Keep your eyes up and focused on the task at hand while changing channels or features with the voice annunciation capabilities. The loud and clear voice will give users confidence their radio is set up and functioning correctly. Increase Health and Safety Reliable and clear communications are essential for health and safety. If someone n your team needs assistance, you need to trust that they can call for help. EachTP3 radio is remarkably simple to use, meaning users can quickly and easily connect to the right person or group.

If safety is a high priority in your industry, then the TP3350 model provides a series of features that help increase worker safety, such as - Vibration alerts to help ensure every text message is detected. - GPS, which allows you to locate your staff, check their progress and ensure they aren't lost or off track. - ManDown, which sends an alert to dispatch when the radio detects unusual tilt or inactivity, such as when someone on your team has been injured and collapses. Combined, GPS and ManDown enable you to quickly identify the injured person's location and the location of other workers nearby. This means help can arrive within a matter of minutes, even seconds. Fast response time can mean the difference between life and death.

What's in the box?

- Tait Radio (TP3300 or TP3350)
- Tait 2000mA Li-Ion Battery, Antenna & Belt Clip
- No charger supplied by Tait. Customer to select preferred charger.


The Tait TP3300/3350 radios can be programmed as to your requirements.
The radios can have a mixed range of Onsite 16™ channels, CB Channels, Repeater Channels, or any other private licensed channel required to be programmed in. The TP8100 radios come in three models...


Additional Information

Recommended For: No
Frequency Band UHF, VHF
Manufacturer Tait
Analog / Digital / IP Analog Only
Programming Capabilities 80 CB Public UHF Channels, Onsite 16™ Team Channels, Licenced / Private Channel
Channel Capacity 16, 128, 350
Ingress Protection (Rain & Dust Proof) Yes (IPX7)
Transmit Power (Watts) 4/5
Radio Frequency Band (Transmit) 450-530Mhz, 136-174Mhz
Radio Audio Speaker Power 500mW
Encryption / Scrambler No
Bluetooth (Option) No
Battery Life (Approximate) 14
Weight (If available) 0.365
Warranty 24 Months

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