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Out Of Vehicle Communications Solution

Invented by Wireless Pacific, X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeaters are a cutting edge alternative. Meticulously crafted they deliver outstanding world-class mission-critical, Out Of Vehicle communications for professional radio users . Since their initial introduction in 2012, Wireless Pacific X10DR Long-range wireless remote speaker microphones are now in mainstream use. They are deployed by Fire, Ambulance, Police, Electrical Utilities, Roads, and Forestry. Public works and large corporate mobile radio are major users globally. Most importantly, X10DR ensures and maintains the all-informed integrity of your group-based mobile two-way radio solution. It provides that final link in seamlessly connecting your team when away from their vehicles.

Elite Plus – Team worker solution

Our Wireless Pacific X10DR Elite Plus latest-generation models unleash the power of your mobile radio, like never before! Talk 500 meters from your vehicle – generally, a lot further than most will choose to walk. Enable Relay Mode and you can walk another 250 meters via your partner’s or a dedicated relay handset. Perfect for when you need to travel deeper into buildings or other out of sight locations.

Work team focused, X10DR Elite Plus models allow up to three handsets to operate from a single, vehicle gateway. They create an exclusive, totally AES 128 secure and private local talkaround channel. Allowing your team to communicate privately, license-free, on-site while still maintaining instant access to the host mobile radio network. Elite Plus models now come fully equipped with user-selectable full-duplex mode for local handsfree operation on site.

We are a fully Authorised X10DR Reseller.

Open Channel Group Communications

Open channel group communications nurture valuable team spirit - a work ethos that comes from entrusting one’s organization’s wireless communications to an “open channel” two-way radio system. Law enforcement uses two way because it’s the only sure way to deliver instantly shared group situation awareness for all members assigned to a specific operational channel.. that’s unless the officer leaves the vehicle. The X10DR Out Of Vehicle Solution enables your entire team of officers to constantly stay informed whether in or out of their vehicle. X10DR core capability ensures all members continue to hear all conversations instantly, so all your officers know what is going on, no matter whether they are heading down a highway or out of the vehicle upholding the law while they go about protecting the public.

Staying Secure In Remote Work Environments

The vehicle-mounted mobile radio is often the first responders’ chief communication link to a central command and other radio units. However, when an officer needs to go back and wait at the vehicle, to provide or receive an update, operations slow or at worst, come to a standstill, losing critical response time and placing lives at risk. X10DR is a revolutionary technology, which allows officers to stay in constant communication with each other locally on-site or back to base, via their vehicle-mounted mobile radio, for up to five hundred metres (over a quarter of a mile) from the vehicle.

Talk On or Off The Network - Now with local Full Duplex Handsfree

Elite devices exclusively allow two, or even three, X10DR Elite handset users to communicate via a single-vehicle gateway unit. This provides officers with an AES secure, local on-site, exclusive voice channel, while simultaneously monitoring their vehicle’s radio operational channel and to instantly communicate over the network whenever desired. Pressing the secure microphone’s top-mounted Talkaround button allows officers to communicate freely, off-network amongst themselves. Additionally, X10DR Elite Plus comes with user-selectable, full-duplex, handsfree talkaround capability. This allows users to effortlessly communicate locally on-site amongst themselves in full-duplex mode - totally handsfree - while never missing a spoken syllable received over their vehicle’s mobile radio and naturally with the ability to respond, as usual, with a press of the PTT button. 

X10DR Elite Plus helps keep your workers safe 

X10DR Unleashed…In April 2012, Wireless Pacific unleashed the X10DR Secure Wireless Microphone. A truly innovative approach that truly delivered a Powerfully Simple™ and cost-effective solution to this age-old mobile radio problem. With tens of thousand X10DRs in service, the once novel concept is now globally accepted as a mainstream mission critical solution. We have since enhanced the world’s best out of vehicle communication solution, to now be even better helping to keep your field teams safer than ever before.

Emergency Duress Alarm

The X10DR secure wireless microphone naturally provides a duress button that can be used to activate the emergency mode within the host mobile radio. Field personnel can now call for assistance even while hundreds of metres from their vehicle. X10DR Elite models also allow localized alerting so your nearby partner instantly knows your predicament. Naturally, X10DR can be programmed to automatically broadcast “Live Mic” to allow remote monitoring of an emergency situation.

Mandown Biometric Monitor option

When fitted and activated, the Mandown function turns on automatically whenever you remove the handset from its charger. If there is no user movement or transmit activity for 2 minutes, quickening alert tones will sound for 30 seconds. If there is still no user activity, the radio’s emergency input will be triggered.

Wireless PTT Button

X10DR Elite Plus secure wireless microphones can be mated with our XWPB wireless PTT button to allow “handsfree like” transmissions over your radio channel. The small finger device attaches by a small adjustable Velcro strap and is especially ideal for use with headsets and other audio accessories and for those situations when your hands are otherwise full.

Earpiece/ Headset/ Covert Accessory Operation

Elite models feature a smart Hirose® audio port on the base of each secure microphone that allows the use of a wide variety of specialist covert and everyday headsets and audio accessories. When required, programming allows the handset’s battery to be shared with externally connected audio accessories requiring (3.3V) DC power. Alternatively, an earpiece provides a simple, easy, and effective way to maintain quiet secured private communications.

Command/Automatic Relay Mode

The X10DR Elite Plus now features the unique ability for a handset user to activate Relay mode whereby a partner’s handset that has lost direct connection with the vehicle gateway will then have their communications seamlessly relayed via their partner’s Relay activated handset. Designed for in-to-building range enhancement, it would be typically deployed when entering buildings whose physical construction prevents an X10DR handset from communicating back to their vehicle. The Relay handset user would remain in a location that remains connected to the vehicle while their partners enter deeper into the building to perform their duties

Extra Loud Receive Audio

While some X10DR users may prefer to wear headsets or discrete earpieces to maintain privacy, many users will choose to operate their handsets like a traditional portable radio. The X10DR Elite Plus provides double the receive audio volume of previous models to ensure that no matter the background noise level, messages will always get through loud and clear.

Extra Long Battery Life

The X10DR’s 1450mAH internal battery means you will typically achieve well in excess of 24 hours of operation between recharges. Docking the microphone into its cradle allows 100% recharge from completely flat in less than 4 hours or for a quick top-up during a rest break. Where charging in the vehicle is not desired, a single and six-way desktop charger is also available.

External Battery Connectivity

For those first responders where a handset may need to be in constant use without being returned to the vehicle’s charging gateway, a secondary external battery to be plugged into the handset’s bottom headset socket via a curly cord adaptor. Once connected, the LED status light will blink every 10 seconds to indicate charging is taking place. The handset can be used as normal with* or without the external battery attached. External batteries may be left connected, removed when charged, or swapped over with a fresh battery as needed.

Find Me™ Locator

In the event of a lost secure microphone or to find a user who may have been rendered unconscious, the new Find Me feature can be triggered by momentarily double-pressing the front panel button on the gateway charging cradle in order to sound an alarm tone from the paired secure microphone to aid in quickly locating the user or device.


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