WPWNC IP67 Heavy Duty, Noise Canceling WaterProof Remote Speaker Microphone

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Select Model: Motorola DP3441/4401/DP4601/DP4801 (WPWNC-MT)
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The Wireless Pacific Premium Noise Canceling, Waterproof Remote Speaker Microphone is a heavy duty speaker and microphone designed for law enforcement, construction, industrial and emergency service users. The rugged waterproof Premium Noise Canceling Remote Speaker Microphones deliver outstanding clear audio in all work situations, noise environments and weather conditions. Built to withstand submersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes and to be drop proof, they deliver year-in-year-out dependability. The microphone also includes a top-mounted 3.5mm earpiece jack to plug in an optional earpiece. These are great for use in particularly very noisy environments, or where the user wants to maintain communications confidentiality. Order a 3.5mm earpiece, as required, that best suits your needs.


- IP67 Waterproof
- Noise Cancelling (highly directional microphone blocks out background noise)
- Loud, clean sound
- 8 position, 360 degree rotary clip to attach to shirt/jacket/vest on mulitple angles
- Resilient retractable cables
- Premium quality connectors
- 3.5mm earpiece socket
- Excellent value

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