IC41W - Car Charger Cable (WPCLC-21)

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This is the Wireless Pacific cigarette lighter car charger cable for the Icom IC41 Pro  and IC41W which is the compatible alternative to the Icom CP17L. The Wireless Pacific vehicle charging cable uses a convenient curly cord so you don't have a long cord fumbling around near your vehicle gears which may cause a driving hazard. The Wireless Pacific car charger cable also has a red LED light for easy charging reference.

Simply plug the IC41Pro cigarette lighter charger into the base charging dock, supplied  and away you go. Perfect for those long car journeys or charging whilst you are on the go. At $35, why risk getting caught out on your journey? The car charger cable also comes with a 12 month warranty! 

Fully compatible with Icom IC41Pro/ IC41W single chargers.

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