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Out Of Vehicle Communications Solution

Invented by Wireless Pacific, X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeaters are a cutting edge alternative. Meticulously crafted they deliver outstanding world-class mission-critical, Out Of Vehicle communications for professional radio users . Since their initial introduction in 2012, Wireless Pacific X10DR Long-range wireless remote speaker microphones are now in mainstream use. They are deployed by Fire, Ambulance, Police, Electrical Utilities, Roads, and Forestry. Public works and large corporate mobile radio are major users globally. Most importantly, X10DR ensures and maintains the all-informed integrity of your group-based mobile two-way radio solution. It provides that final link in seamlessly connecting your team when away from their vehicles.

FINAL CLEARANCE - limited Pro stock

Your LAST chance to get the well-proven, X10DR Pro Series at an amazing bargain rock bottom price. Recently replaced by the new IP67 Pro Plus Series, we have a limited number of end-of-production run-out models still available, but only while limited stocks last. Just perfect to see for yourself what X10DR can do to address your out-of-vehicle communications needs. Main difference between Pro Plus and superseded Pro series the Plus Seriesis rated IP67 waterproof rated versus IP55 Weather/rainproof and newer model can be field  fitted with XMD Mandown capability.

Special Offer includes radio interface cable  -Models as indicated only.

NOTE: Ex-stock. Immediate availability. Fast shipping to Australia and New Zealand to verified business addresses only. No other discounts apply. Once they are gone  they are gone so be quick.

The Pro Secure Wireless Microphone is designed for use by the sole worker in a vehicle. X10DR allows the user to move up to 500m (1600ft) from their vehicle, line of sight while maintaining communications with the entire team over the mobile radio network.

Pro Series Brochure

Pro Series User Manual

Pro Series User Card

The X10DR Pro package includes:

X10DR-PU2 Out of Vehicle Communications System, Pro feature set, IP55 weatherproof handset with Emergency, Secondary PTT, Hirose audio port, Enhanced Spk Mic antenna, 1450mA Li-Polymer battery, integrated long mounting clip, mobile charging gateway, XMPA "sharkfin" antenna kit with 5.2m LMR200 coax, user card and 12-month warranty.

Order the XCA Interface Cable to suit your mobile radio from the drop-down box when purchasing to complete your vehicle fit-out.

Always refer to your mobile radio's service manual and the XCA Master Charts at https://www.x10dr.com/supports/ for correct configuration requirements. On the support page, you will also find the XGALA Audio adjustment level software tool. Use this together with the XFPK programming cables (Or a regular USB-A to USB-Micro cable) to set the optimum audio levels in and out of the host-connected radio/communications device.

For remote mount order XEC-4.5 extension (4.5m) cable.

Immediate delivery available (limited stocks)

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