WPSHD - Wireless Pacific™ Smart Heavy Duty Headset -Suits All brands

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Microphone Option: Standard Noise Cancel Mic Insert
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WPSHD -  Smart Heavy Duty Hearing Protection Headset 

- Wear with or without hard hat! 

Our high visibility noise cancelling Smart Heavy Duty headsets provide excellent transmission quality in high noise environments so your message comes through loud and clear every time. Designed for use with, or without, a safety helmet, the dual muff design provides clear reception in almost all work environments by blocking out high levels of background noise from the user's ears.

These headsets are distinctively coloured YELLOW to ensure a user is always highly visible - a key safety feature when you remember that the "soundproof" headset prevents the user from sometimes hearing an approaching vehicle or forklift.

The units also feature an on the cup volume control and PTT button for user convenience as well as a 3.5mm jack to allow you to connect a mobile phone or even an iPod. The headsets can also be ordered with an extreme noise microphone. This option is ideal for such situations as loud rock concerts or Racing pit crew use. 

Managers Note: "These high-quality headsets have been deployed at the Avalon International Airshow and Melbourne Formula One Grand Prix. This proven commercial headset solution by Wireless Pacific provide exceptional hearing protection and radio communication performance in the most demanding of loud circumstances. Plus they are very competitively priced as the Push to Talk (PTT) Adaptor & Cable also comes included."

FEATURES: Smart Headset

  • Clean sound
  • Directional noise-cancelling microphone
  • Optional Extreme noise dynamic microphone
  • Earcup PTT operation
  • Optional in-line PTT button
  • Comfortable dual gel muffs
  • Tough plug-in curly cords
  • Earcup volume control
  • External audio input
  • Excellent value

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