3M™ Peltor™ LiteTalk™ Group Communicator - Litecom™ Two Way Radio

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Listen Only Earpiece (3.5mm): None Required
Programming: 69 Peltor Channels (433Mhz)
Earpiece & Microphone System: Over Ear, Black Earhook Earpiece & Microphone System
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3M™ Peltor™ Litecom™ Two Way Radio

• World-Class, 3M Reliability
• Easy To Use
• Lightweight & Comfortable to Wear
• Preprogrammed with 69 x 3M Peltor Channels (LPD 433 Mhz)
• Compatible with Peltor LiteCom™ Plus & LiteCom III Headsets
• Rain & Dust Proof (IP55)

• No Staff Training Required • Industry Leading Audio 
• 16 Hour Operation Time 

• Complete Range of Accessories


3M Peltor Lite-Com Two Way Radio: A Radio System Your Business Can Trust 

3M has built a reputation globally for delivering solutions that work first time, every time, the 3M Peltor Litecom Two Way Radio / Group Communicator is no exception. LiteTalk is a radio system you can depend your business upon.

The 3M Peltor LiteTalk Group Communicator offers mission critical performance and industrial grade reliability, yet is built in a compact design that is comfortable to wear and easy to use.

LiteTalk is both rain and dust proof, meeting an Ingress Protection rating of IP55 and offers an impressive 16 hours of battery operation time (subject to usage). 

LiteTalk is pre-programmed with 69 x 3M Peltor Channels (LPD 433Mhz) and can be used as a stand-alone two way radio system. There are no licence fees or ongoing costs to use these channels. 


Connect to the 3M Peltor LiteCom Headset Ecosystem 

Peltor LiteCom Plus Headset

LiteTalk is a group communicator that connects you to the 3M Peltor LiteCom headecosystem. LiteTalk is preprogrammed with 69 x 3M Peltor channels (LPD 433 Mhz), meaning LiteTalk is ready, out of the box, to communicate with users wearing the Peltor LiteCom Plus and, Peltor LiteCom III, two way radio headsets that also broadcast on these channels. 

Litetalk connects the office bound supervisor, who doesn't need to wear a hearing protection headset, to the staff working out on the high-noise factory floor who are wearing Peltor Litecom headsets.

Does your business already own high attention, noise canceling Peltor headsets? The LiteTalk Group Communicator interfaces seamlessly to a wide range of 3M Peltor advanced noise attenuating communication headsets and 3M Peltor's in-ear hearing protection devices such as the Ora Tac In Ear Tactical Communication SolutionLiteTalk connects all of your 3M Peltor headsets to the LiteCom ecosystem. This interface is achieved by connecting your Peltor hearing protection headset to the LiteTalk radio, via a standard 3M™ Peltor™ connector or Flex interface cable (sold seperately). 

Save $$$ when you bundle a LiteTalk Radio and Litecom Headset at the same time! 

Comfortable To Wear. Full Range of Optional Audio Accessories.

3M Peltor LiteTalk - LiteCom Two Way Radio

Unlike other industrial radios, which are often big and bulky, the 3M Peltor LiteTalk is lightweight and comfortable to wear, weighing only 150 grams.

LiteTalk is supplied with a 360-degree rotation clip, which means it can be comfortably worn on the belt, on top of a high visibility safety vest, around a lanyard, or even attached to the top of a business shirt.

Litetalk is compatible with an entire range of cost effective earpieces and audio accessories. LiteTalk has two audio accessory ports, a 3.5mm audio jack port, and a mission critical Hirose accessory port. 

By using an optional earpiece with the LiteTalk ensures that audio communication in the workplace remains private, quiet and non-intrusive.

"The 3M Peltor LiteTalk Group Communicator offers world-class performance and reliability that your business can depend upon."
- Ari Adar, General Manager, Radio Warehouse

Download 3M Peltor LiteTalk Specifications Brochure


 3M Peltor LiteTalk - Litecom Two Way Radio


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