3M™ Peltor™ LITE-COM™ Plus MT73H7A4310WS6AZ Headset with Built-In Two Way Radio

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The new 3M™ Peltor™ LiteCom™ Plus, MT73H7A4310WS6AZ, is the latest world-class, Peltor communication headset with built-in license-free two-way radio capability and a whole host of other enhanced advanced features. 

The Peltor Litecom Plus offers high attenuation ear protection and a built-in short-range communication two-way radio for integration with industrial or other professional radio communication systems. The noise-cancelling microphone is mounted on a microphone boom and is suitable for any high-noise work environment. The optional VOX function facilitates hands-free operation, while the PTT button makes it possible to communicate in extremely noisy areas, or whenever push-to-talk is wanted for two-way radio communication. The Peltor Lite-Com Plus offers sound protection up to 105db which is the maximum headset hearing protection available on the market.

The Lite-Com Plus has a built-in, low-power two-way radio in the headset, meaning the headset can communicate to other Peltor Lite-Com Plus headsets on your choice of 69 Peltor channels (LPD 433Mhz). This is perfect for a team in a small warehouse, a construction site, or other industrial environments where all users need to communicate over a short distance whilst wearing noise-cancelling hearing protection headsets and don't want to carry around an additional two-way radio. The brochure says the Peltor Lite-Com Plus allows communication up to 3 kilometers, but this will depend on the operational environment in question. In Radio Warehouse's engineering tests over a large business park, we could expect up to a couple hundred meters of clean communication before it began to drop out to noise.

Maintain Situational / Environmental Awareness

The Peltor Lite-Com Plus has built-in microphones into the sides of the earmuffs, which pick up on background noise occurring outside of the headset, allowing the user to maintain complete situational and environmental awareness. These noises are electronically controlled by the headset to a perfect, safe audio volume which allows the user to have a conversation with a person standing next to them, without needing to broadcast through the two-way radio, or requiring them to take their headset off. The Peltor Lite-Com Plus allows the user to hear emergency sirens, car horns, equipment sounds, and people communicating around them all at a safe audio volume. Because of the intelligent, real-time, electronically controlled audio volume adjustment, hearing damaging sounds like explosions, jet engines, jackhammers, etc are all reduced to a safe audio listening level. Naturally, the Peltor Lite-Com Plus allows this background ambient volume to be controlled via the headset's volume control. You can turn this up to make the headset so sensitive that you can hear your own footsteps, or someone whispering to you. You can turn down the volume completely, so all you hear is complete silence (except for the two-way radio communication). These world-class features deliver a tremendous safety advantage and flexibility in listening option choices. The Peltor Litecom Plus headset really is incredible.

World Class Military Quality. Complete After Sales Warranty Service

The Peltor Lite-Com Plus offers world-class quality you would expect from a 3M Peltor product. Peltor is subsequently the headset of choice for many demanding clients, including the US military.  Buy with confidence knowing that Radio Warehouse offers complete after-sales support, including being able to arrange spare parts and warranty / out-of-warranty repairs. Protect your investment by forging your long-term relationship with Radio Warehouse, and save money by buying online too!

Key Features

- World Class advanced commercial/military grade headset.
- Offers Level 5 rated noise protection up to 105 dB.
- Two Way Radio is built into the headset. Offers up to 3 Kilometer range, with the choice of 69 Peltor LiteCom (LPD 433Mhz) channels. 
- Electronic voice-guided setting controls with LCD display
- Available in headband or neckband style (wear under hard hat).

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