ORA TAC In Ear Tactical Communication (MT10FL10) - Discontinued - Contact us for alternatives.

ORA TAC In Ear Tactical Communication (MT10FL10) - Discontinued - Contact us for alternatives.

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MT10FL10- Discontinued

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Peltor ORA TAC (MT10FL10) is a revolutionary dual sided in-ear headset / ear plug and microphone system for commercial two way radios. The world-class ORA TAC communication system provides clear radio communication via an in-ear microphone, meaning the user doesn't need to wear a boom microphone to broadcast, or large headphones to listen. The ORA TAC in ear microphone picks up the voice of the user inside the user's ear, and with a press of the rugged PTT button, the ORA TAC broadcasts the user's radio transmission with absolute clarity and minimal background noise. We recommend you watch the video below and see for yourself!

RRP: $1187
Peltor Radio Adaptor cables sold separately. 

The ORA TAC communication system, naturally offers best in class sound protection in high noise environments with comfortable in ear hearing plugs (spare hearing plugs available in bags of 50 for teams sharing communication equipment). These mean large headphones do not need to be worn, allowing this system to be worn under breathing respirator, full face masks, SCBA, P&SA hoods, sandblasting helmets, Hazmat suits etc

Furthermore, the ORA TAC has an audio level dependent function built into tiny speakers that sit on the outside of the ear plugs. These microphones allow the user to maintain situational awareness in their work environment, as the external microphones allow the user to still hear the background noise, but at a noise level defined by the user. So the user, whilst protected against potential hearing damage by very loud noises, can still hear spoken voice, sirens, alarm sounds or any other essential sounds for the user to maintain situational awareness, all at a safe listening level.

The ORA TAC system is comprised of an in-ear headset with PTT adapter and a quick disconnect cable. The user needs to select an additional cable to connect to their preferred commerical / government two way radio.

Lead time: 3 days (Subject to 3M / Peltor delivery cycle at time of order)

Download ORA TAC Product Presentation Here
Download ORA TAC Specifications Here


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Weight (If available) 0
Manufacturer Peltor
Ingress Protection (Rain & Dust Proof) No
Warranty 12 Months

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