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Motorola DP2400e Radio, DP2400e, Motorola Radio 2400e

Motorola DP2400e Portable Two Way Radio

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  • Industry-Leading Audio

  • High-Powered Performance 

  • 16 Channels (Digital or Analogue)

  • 403-527 Mhz

  • IP67 (Waterproof / Dustproof) / MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G

  • 288 grams

  • Slim Battery Life: 20.5 Hours (Digital) / 16 Hours (Analogue) 

  • Motorola GP328 Alternative / Migration Option

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The Motorola DP2400e is a tough and powerful digital / analogue two-way radio. The Motorola DP2400e is purposely designed for demanding professionals who need all the power of an operational critical Motorola radio. The DP2400e weighs only 288 grams!

The Motorola DP2400e is the replacement for the highly popular, but now discontinued, Motorola GP328. The DP2400e radio's lightweight design is highly suitable for busy, fast paced work teams and may be of particular interest to warehouses, construction, traffic management, security, event management.

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The Motorola DP2400e offers exceptional audio quality and coverage. The DP2400e contains Motorola's Intelligent Audio processors which automatically adjust the volume of the radio to compensate for loud background noise, making the DP2400e the perfect radio for those working in loud or noisy work environments

The DP2400e is rated to Ingress Protection (IP67) rated, meaning it is both water and dust proof. The DP2400e has undergone rigorous testing and exceeds U.S Military Standard Testing (MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G) and Motorola's own Accredited Life Testing procedure designed which are designed to simulate up to five years of heavy industry use in gruelling environments

Download DP2400e Brochure / Specifications Sheet

What's in the box:

- Motorola DP2400e (UHF - MDH02RDC9VA1AN, VHF - MDH02JDC9VA1AN

- Standard 2250 mAH Li-Ion Battery 
- Standard UHF / VHF Antenna
- 2.5" Belt Clip Holster
- User Manual
- 24 Month Motorola Australia Warranty
- Charger Sold Seperately



Additional Information

Recommended For: Bar / Nightclub, Construction / Tradies, Crane Operator / Dogman, Dirty / Dusty Environments, Emergency / Evacuation, Everyday Business Use, Live Event Production, Security, Warehouse
Frequency Band UHF, VHF
Manufacturer Motorola
Analog / Digital / IP Analog / Digital
Programming Capabilities Onsite 16™ Team Channels, Licenced / Private Channel
Channel Capacity 16
Ingress Protection (Rain & Dust Proof) Yes (IP55)
Transmit Power (Watts) 4/5
Radio Frequency Band (Transmit) 403-527 Mhz
Radio Audio Speaker Power 500mW
Encryption / Scrambler Yes
Bluetooth (Option) No
Battery Life (Approximate) Analogue: 16 Hours / Digital: 20.5 Hours
Weight (If available) 0.288
Warranty 24 Months

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Product Questions

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  1. Very happy

    Review by TK Builders (Posted on February 16, 2019)

    Thanks for the cracker deal!

  2. Think twice before you invest!

    Review by Andrew M. - Nightclub Manager (Edited: Club Name Removed Upon Request) (Posted on January 13, 2019)

    I manage a nightclub in Brunswick with a team of 8 security guards. We had the Motorola DP2400 & to be honest, they just weren’t loud enough. Easy for the boys to use... but when used with some security earpiece from another supplier, the sound was clear, but really not good enough... soft and “fuzzy”. Radio Warehouse offered us a trade in the Motorolos to the Kenwood NX-340 Radio’s which are MUCH better for a high noise environment. The Kenwoods pump out 1 watt of audio volume, are digital like the Motorola’s but the audio clarity and volume in a loud nightclub, made the switch to the Kenwood’s are better investment. Plus they are half the price.. So buyer beware: Moto is a big brand name, but disappointingly didn’t deliver what I expected. Thanks to Ari for asking for reaching out to ask my personal opinion, the service at Radio Warehouse is better what I received from a dealer who came out and did a "site visit" and tried to upgrade me to the DP4400 at $1200 each!!!!!...

    Give Ari a call FIRST when trying to decide what’s the right tool for the job.

    Regards, Andrew (my personal opinion only and not that of the club).

  3. Tough as nails!

    Review by Theo L. - Security Guard (Posted on January 03, 2019)

    Upgraded to these from the Motorola DP3600 radios, wanting something without an LCD screen which caused some confusion with the team with all the menus. The Motorola DP2400e are great if you have the budget. Got these with the "Rapid Deployment Kit: - Tough as nails.

    - Theo

  4. DP2400e + WPITRQ

    Review by Frank. T - Motorola Fan (Posted on January 01, 2019)

    I've been a fan of Motorola radios for 15 years. They have always been very reliable and offered great performance and quality. Yes, I don't mind paying a few dollars extra, but that's what you need to accept when you buy a Rolls Royce. The DP2400e is no exception, offering all the performance I expect and was the natural progression from my aging GP328 radios.

    My only complaint? Every new Motorola radio comes with a unique accessory plug. Thankfully the team at Radio Warehouse assisted me with a variety of choices from Motorola. In my particular circumstance, Radio Warehouse offered a Wireless Pacific ITRQ microphone & earpiece system, which I was very impressed with. All the security guards at Crown Casino, I noticed were using the same system.

    Go Motorola DP2400e for your radio, but team it up with Wireless Pacific ITRQ earpieces for the best combination for brilliant audio.

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