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Icom IP501H LTE Radio - Features


Icom IP501H LTE Radio- Mission Critical LTE Radio

The Icom IP501H LTE two way radio radio gives your team all the benefits of nation-wide two way radio coverage, without any of the technical, frequency or licensing limitations of traditional UHF radios.

The IP501H LTE radio connects via an AES encrypted cloud directly embedded into the 4G LTE /3G Optus & Telstra* Networks. Unlike a smart phone with a "PTT app", your communication does not compete with, nor does it get broadcast, over the public internet. The result? Blazing fast, crystal clear, reliable, encrypted communication ready for enterprise or government users. Team your IP501H / IP100H radio up with the Wireless Pacific LTE Power Mic for powerful, mission critical audio, suitable for any high noise work environment (construction sites, roadworks, heavy machine operators etc.).

Request a free trial of the IP501H lte radio and Wireless Pacific LTE Power Mic™ from Radio Warehouse and experience the evolution of LTE two way radio today.



Icom IP501H LTE Radio - A Real LTE Radio, Not a "Smart Phone" PTT App.

The IP501H lte two way radio is a purpose built communication solution for professional team communication. The IP501H is not a "smart phone" app masquerading as a "PTT radio". The distinction is important.

When evaluating a new communication tool for professional work applications, we believe at Radio Warehouse the communication tool that is most effective is communication technology that promotes team efficiency, and does not open up the possibility of an employee's personal life interfering with the organisation's goals. 

Your team connected via their IP501H devices, will enjoy all of the technological advantages of LTE two way radio, without any of the distractions that come attached to smart phone PTT alternatives. With the IP501H, your team will not be distracted by personal incoming telephone calls or SMS, email notifications, social media, third party apps or games, interfering with your team getting the job done.

A smart phone was built for personal use, which we already all likely own, but it is not a professional team communication solution, no matter how "tough", "rugged” or "mission critical" the smart phone "two way radio" may claim to be. 

At Radio Warehouse, we have built our legacy on adopting a philosophical approach to only standing behind communication solutions, built specifically for business & government users and are proud to support the IP501H, as a proud certified Icom Networking Partner.

But don't take our word for it, download a popular PTT "two way radio" app, such as Zello onto your smart phone for free, and compare that to a free trial of the IP501H group communicators from Radio Warehouse. We believe a comparison of which tool will genuinely and purposely promote your organisation's professional team communication objectives, will become immediately clear.


Icom IP501H LTE Radio - Private & Direct Calling

Two way radio systems provide the benefit of allowing an individual to speak to an entire team, instantly.  There are times however, where it is more appropriate for team member, such as a manager, to be contacted privately about a sensitive situation.

In addition to making group broadcasts, the Icom IP501H features a direct call option, allowing your team to direct call any member of the team they have been authorised, via their internal staff directory on their IP501H. Simply select the team member's name, and instantly broadcast your message to them, without the time delays of dialling a telephone number.

Unlike a smart phone PTT alternative, the IP501H will only allow your staff to make strictly work related, not personal, private calls.

Whether you want your entire team, or perhaps only a local or area manager, to be setup to make or receive direct calls to other team members, is your choice based on your organisation's communication objectives. At Radio Warehouse, we can tailor the IP501H to your exact operational requirements.


Icom IP501H LTE Radio - Hands Free / Full Duplex Mode

In addition to "Push to Talk" mode, the IP501H also operates in “full duplex" mode, meaning your team communication is free-flowing like a telephone conference call. The IP501H is a very attractive alternative solution to the clear-com, full duplex communication, conference / intercom, "party chat" systems which are exorbitantly priced, heavy and limited in talk distance. 

Radio Warehouse stock a complete range of world-class, audio accessory and headset options from Icom, 3M™ Peltor™, & Wireless Pacific™  allowing you to utilise the IP501H in a variety of different work applications.  Radio Warehouse also have a dedicated engineering team who can custom modify any full duplex, audio headset system you already own, but may wish to migrate to your new IP501H system activated through Radio Warehouse.


Icom IP501H LTE Radio - Keeping The Team Safe

The Icom IP501H features all of the safety options and features you expect in a professional two way radio communication solution, particularly when managing a enterprise or government work team over long distances.

The IP501H features built-in GPS and other safety options such as Emergency, Lone Worker & Man Down, ensuring your team stay connected, safe & accountable, no matter where they might be located.

The benefit of the IP501H is Radio Warehouse can tailor the optional feature set according to your exact organisational requirements. We appreciate one size doesn't fit all, and equally have respect for the age-old wisdom "just because you can doesn't mean you should". Let us know how we can tailor a total communication solution, to your exact professional needs today.


Icom IP501H LTE Radio - A Total Industrial Communication Solution

The Icom IP501H is ready to face any tough industrial environmental work environment you may face. The IP501H is both water and dust-proof, ingress protected to an (IP67) rating. In addition, the IP501H meets or exceeds multiple US-MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G testing procedures (drop proof, shock proof etc) ensuring the IP501H is ready to face any industrial work environment.

Team the IP501H / IP100H up with a loud industrial audio accessory, such as the Wireless Pacific LTE Power Mic™ and enjoy 1 watt audio output from your remote speaker microphone which is both loud and crystal clear. The powerful industrial audio combination, ensures you team armed with a total LTE communication solution ready for any industrial environment. Trial the IP501H radio with the LTE Power Mic™ today.

Unleash the Power™ of the IP501H / IP100H With Mission Critical Audio.

Unleash The Power™ of your Icom IP501H / IP100H with the Wireless Pacific LTE Power Mic™.

The Wireless Pacific LTE Power Mic provides a booming 1 watt of powerful loud and clear audio, suitable for any outdoor or noisy indoor work environment.

The Wireless Pacific LTE Power Mic allows the Ip501H LTE or Icom IP100H radio user to be heard above a crowd, a busy road, construction site, outdoor public event or noisy work environment.

The LTE Power Mic does not diminish the battery life of the IP501H / IP100H radio, as the LTE Power Mic contains its own built-in rechargeable battery providing up to 24 hours of operation.

The Wireless Pacific LTE Power Mic is sold by Radio Warehouse, as a proud Certified Icom Networking Partner. IP100H or IP501H resellers are welcome to contact Radio Warehouse.

Attention: Crane Operators

For our clients who operate cranes, who are required under Work-Safe Australian law to operate their crane via a dedicated UHF LMR radio channel, but are enticed by the using a long range, hands free, full duplex communication system, please see the Wireless Pacific X10DR, Mission Critical, Full Duplex Radio communication system as an alternative. X10DR connects to your dedicated LMR crane mobile radio and provides multiple team members with a mission critical full duplex communication solution. X10DR is unfortunately not sold by Radio Warehouse, but is available via RFI Australia and RFI Americas.

We do however resell the line of sight, TeamTRQ full duplex communication system which, provides full duplex communication capabilities to any non-Bluetooth enabled, 3M™ Peltor™ headsets. We are also fully authorised dealers of the 3M™  Peltor™ Lite-Comm Plus, Two Way Radio & Headset System, which is a solution suitable for crane operators who would prefer to use a push to talk, onsite UHF radio system. Please contact us to discuss your mission critical crane or LTE two way radio needs.