Icom IP501H LTE 4G Two Way Radio - Critical Comms Magazine

Radio Warehouse now proudly supporting LTE / 4G / 3G Two Way Radios

Icom IP501H Remote Speaker Microphone We were proud this month to promote in Critical Comms magazine, the latest Icom Networking radio: the Icom IP501H LTE Two Way Radio. Like the Icom IP100H, the IP501H both differ from traditional two way radios in that they do not use UHF to transmit. Rather the Icom IP501H is an LTE radio, whilst the IP100H is a WiFI two way radio. Radio Warehouse only offer government grade LTE & WiFi two way radios from established two way radio manufacturers.

Both the Icom IP501H & IP100H are compatible with the Wireless Pacific LTE Power Mic™ which boosts the audio of both these radios from 200mW to a huge 1 watt output of loud industrial audio, allowing you to use your IP501H in loud noisy environments.

Wireless Pacific is a global leader of producing specialist two way radios and accessories, including producing other notable products such as the 3M Litecom Plus Two Way Radio and X10DR. The LTE Power Remote Speaker Microphone is the perfect partner product to the Icom Networking Range of radios, that Radio Warehouse are proudly to exclusively stock as a Certified Icom Networking Partner.

You can request free trial the both the IP501H Remote Speaker Microphone and Icom Networking radios, via contacting us.