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  1. SALE!
    Go Pack Pro with Motorola ATEX DP4401EX

    Go Pack Pro - Rapid Deployment Kit

    • As Used By Special Operations Law Enforcement.
    • Mission Critical Quality. Custom Engineered, Pelican Suitcase (Crush Proof, Rain Proof etc). 
    • Built-in 6 Multi-Unit Charger.
    • AC / DC Power Input Options.
    • Laser Cut, Durable, Hard Foam For Maximum Longevity. 
    • Additional Storage Space For Accessories.
    • Ideal for Rapid Deployment, Transportation, Storage & Protection Of Radio System.
    • 24 Month Warranty.
    • Deploy Your Radio System Anywhere!
    • Compatible with select Icom, Kenwood & Motorola Two Way Radios
    • Bundle with Radios & Save!
    • Contact us for Price and delivery.
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    Go Pro

    Go Pro™ DMR Digital Radio

    Special Price: $429.00

    Regular Price: $598.00

    As low as: $398.00

    "Ultralight" Portable Radio - Truly Wearable Wireless .

    includes:  Team8 programming, Desktop charger, belt carry holder, hand carry strap, built in antenna, 2200mA Li Ion battery, user card and 12 months warranty.

    • Go Pro GPR D1 portable is capable of UHF operation from 400-480 MHz with industry leadsership technical specifications.
    • Equipped with DMR Tier II digital protocol plus FM analogue operations. Allows for an easy migration from analog to digital. 
    • Outstanding audio from an amazingly small compact ruggedised ultralight wearable portable radio.
    • Clean crisp audio enhanced with Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) using built-in DSP for best-of-class audio clarity for clear, loud voice transmission.
    • Go Pro GPR portable radios are fully weather resistant and built to take the wear and tear of much higher priced industrial design radios. 
    • Digital/Analog mode color LED indicator with prgrammable voice announciation. 
    • Futureproof you purchase with integrated DMR digital protocol operation. 
    • Go Pro GPR has a high visibility "Magic" dot matrix front panel display that only appears when you need it!
    • Configured with Team8 analogue channels only as standard. Optional Private Businesss Channel DMR digital operation activation.

    Product Brochure (click important documents below)


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    Wireless Pacific X10DR Pro Plus (click for more details)

    Wireless Pacific X10DR Pro Plus (click for more details)

    Special Price: $698.00

    Regular Price: $732.00

    As low as: $638.00


    Pro Plus Series

    Providing all original X10DR’s well-proven and established ‘out of vehicle’ capabilities but now with a specific focus on the mobile worker out alone in a vehicle. To furnish these often remote area users, with enhanced safety and greater network access flexibility, the X10DR Pro Plus models can be connected to a smart interface to allow dual radio/LTE/satellite access allowing remote access to multiple networks when location demands. Pro Plus can also be factory option with our Mandown biometric monitor capability that allows automatic emergency alarms with “Live Mic” capabilities to be triggered when a worker is unresponsive. For local crowd control situations, Pro Plus gateways have an audio output that can be used as an input to a public address system, if desired.

    All voice communications plus system alert tones from the mobile radio and other connected X10DR users are audible at all times ensuring users are totally connected.  Finally, knowing there are times when professional users and first responders may need to wade into deep waters to save and protect lives or property, the Pro Plus handsets are now designed for full submersion IP67 waterproof compliance.

  4. SALE!

    Wireless Pacific X10DR Elite Plus (click for more details)

    Special Price: $985.00

    Regular Price: $1,143.00

    As low as: $895.00


    Elite Plus Series

    Our Wireless Pacific X10DR Elite Plus latest-generation models unleash the power of your mobile radio, like never before! Talk 500 meters from your vehicle – generally, a lot further than most will choose to walk. Enable Relay Mode and you can walk another 250 meters via your partner’s or a dedicated relay handset. Perfect for when you need to travel deeper into buildings or other out of sight locations.

    Work team focused, X10DR Elite Plus models allow up to three handsets to operate from a single, vehicle gateway. They create an exclusive, totally AES 128 secure and private local talkaround channel. Allowing your team to communicate privately, license-free, on-site while still maintaining instant access to the host mobile radio network. Elite Plus models now come fully equipped with user-selectable full-duplex mode for local handsfree operation on site.

  5. SALE!
    Icom IC-GM1600E - GMDSS Portable Two Way Radio

    Icom IC-GM1600E - GMDSS Portable Two Way Radio

    Special Price: $992.00

    Regular Price: $1,089.00

    • GMDSS / IMO Portable for Survival Craft
    • Waterproof. High Visability Yellow Colour. 
    • Rugged (Survival Craft Specifications)
    • Meets MED 96/98/EC "Wheel mark" requirements
    • Pre programmed GMDSS Marine channels
    • Large keypad with positive button action
    • Wide viewing angle LCD display
  6. SALE!
    Go Pack Pro - Rapid Deployment Mobile - Portable Base Radio

    Go Pack Pro - Rapid Deployment Mobile - Portable Base Radio

    Special Price: $1,995.00

    Regular Price: $2,100.00

    • Deploy Your Mobile Radio Anywhere!
    • Protect Your Investment. Secure storage and transportation.
    • 6-8 Hour Internal Battery Backup.
    • AC (240V) Input + Optional DC (12.6V) Input Available
    • Custom Engineered, Lockable, Crush & Rain Proof, Pelican Case
    • Your Choice Of Mobile Radio
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